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Land and Buildings’ highly-qualified director candidates for election to the Taubman Centers (NYSE: TCO) Board of Directors, Charles Elson and Jonathan Litt, have the right mix of governance expertise and sector experience to help address the poor capital allocation, bloated G&A, inferior margins and abysmal corporate governance that have persistently plagued the Company and unlock the substantial trapped value, allowing for 65%+ upside in the stock, in our view.

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Land & Buildings believes that Taubman Centers continues to be run for the benefit of the Taubman Family – a fundamental conflict in which apparent efforts to maintain control and avoid paying taxes through the dual-class voting share structure are prioritized over the best interests of common shareholders. The status quo has persisted, leading to substantial underperformance versus the Company’s Class A Mall Peers. This poor performance is due primarily to three factors: (i) resistance to truly embrace good corporate governance, (ii) operational deficiencies, and (iii) a stubborn approach to capital allocation, in our view.

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